Confessions of an Auteetotal Tattooer


Read time: 40-45 minutes. Warning! Potential triggers: contains details of addiction, relapse, cancer, parental abuse, rape, sexual assault and domestic violence.

Don’t Tell Anyone.

Read time: 6-7 minutes. Warning! Potential triggers: contains details of depression, suicide, parental physical/sexual/emotional abuse and child neglect.


Read time: 9-10 minutes. Warning! Potential triggers: contains details of child neglect, injury, trauma and child abuse. I took both these selfies two years ago, after doing a short photoshoot for someone’s else’s sponsored ad (that I really should have charged for but didn’t). I only posted the one with my mouth closed online. I’ve…

Overload Nation: Premier Fatigue.

I deleted all social media apps from my iPhone, iPad and laptop. I added “AWAY ON STAYCATION” to the bios of my blog and tattoo accounts and added posts to Facebook and Instagram detailing when I’d be back…

Release and Rise.

Back in November, a client asked if I think we’d ever get married: I replied straight away with “Oh, I’d marry him tomorrow!”… Little did I know back then that he had it tucked away in a drawer inside his study…

When You Know, You Know.

Before I met my Fiancé Chris, the concept of “family” was really difficult for me to understand and safely exist inside…

Me, myself and Autism.

I was recently interviewed by the extraordinary Kat Kennedy about my autism journey! She’s writing about sex and gender differences in various health conditions and how, so often, women go undiagnosed when symptoms present differently than how doctors are taught they should appear. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD are two such conditions. Many of…

4 Fucking Years.

Everyone is welcome to take their own life experiences and version of events and make them into art. These are mine…

Sober October.

This month will mark my 4th year sober. October 2017 always reminds me of how hard I tried to stop drinking, after successfully quitting other drugs a few months before. I remember the chaotic situations I was desperately trying to drag myself out of. I had ended a relationship in the summer that was extremely…

Tattoos vs. Therapy.

Should self-employed people be overextending themselves when being confided in by their customers and clients? Should we be treating our hairdresser or tattoo artist like a therapist? Why do we shy away from the idea of professional therapy?

Grief and Growth.

Letting GROW: How the pain of both can feel the same, and that there’s beauty and grace in-between the “ie” and the “ow”

Rejection and Redirection.

BREAKDOWNS and BUCKETS: Feeling lost or stuck? You might be trapped in a Crab Bucket™. How my breakdown last year became a breakthrough and a blessing: leading to my Autism diagnosis, my own business and the start of an incredible healing journey, out of the bucket and beyond!

Boundaries and Business.

“What you say NO to, often defines YOU and your business far more than what you say YES to.” I’m 1 human doing the work of 3. I feel everything more than most, and work harder than anyone will ever really know…

My Name is…

Welcome to Confessions of an Auteetotal Tattooer! (read time 3 minutes) I’m a lifelong illustrator, graphic designer and Tattooer of 8 years. I am based in Cardiff (South Wales), and work by appointment only at my private, professional little tattoo studio inside a big, professional gym that provides all my training and physio. Why should…

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