Ebony Squid Club

Your new favourite art subscription service… 

Lala’s new Ebony Squid Club is a super special art monthly art delivery! Includes limited edition and signed A4 prints, stickers and postcards.

Ebony Squid Club is my new art subscription/care package service.

I’ve enjoyed making art prints and stickers so much over the years that I have always wanted to make a monthly art delivery/care package service.

This was created with my most regular and most awesome clients in mind, so I’ll be including little notes/extras from time to time just for you! I’ve got a lot of limited edition stuff that I’ll be released in the next couple weeks, that will only be available as a club member. I look forward to getting to know new club members too!

I’m including this bonus Star Wars themed art print for May 4th, and hand drawn postcards to the first 10 subscribers!

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Looking for love in Alderaan places! This limited edition Star Wars print is available via club members only 🖤

I’m always adding more designs and little extras. I also offer smaller packs for £10 each month, and one-off deliveries. The value of prints and stickers inside each full size pack is at least £50!

Sneak peek of what to expect in your deliveries! 🖤
Delivery days are the best days 🖤 I had to reorder stock due to high demand last month! Printing is slower than usual at the moment, which is totally understandable. I’m currently delivering waves of subscriptions each week, depending on the date you signed up. Me and my one pair of hands are working as fast as we can! Please don’t forget to post and tag @lala_inky or @ebonysquid in your deliveries on Instagram, I’d love to see them! ♥️
Sneak peek of what to expect in your upcoming deliveries! 🖤

If you’d like to pay per month instead, make sure to PayPal £20 single membership to info@lala-inky.com by the 9th of each month to get your hands on the freshest delivery! (make sure to include your address).

Email teamsquid@lala-inky.com for any questions/enquires and for subscription details. Thank you!

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